Switching your Website From Blah to Brilliant With NationBuilder

Sep 18, 2017


Let’s be honest: if you’re reading this, chances are you’re tired of your current customer relationship manager (CRM). And you should be. Frankly, most of them are… underwhelming (sorry!).

What makes NationBuilder so awesome (a league above other CRMs, if I’m being straight with you) is that it does everything: your website, email, social, and financial tracking.

Typically, you might use something like WordPress as a CMS, MailChimp for email marketing, and Salesforce as your customer relationship management system. NationBuilder does all of that and plenty more, plus everything is conveniently integrated. So say goodbye to data silos.

If you’re still not sold, making the big jump from your blah legacy system to NationBuilder is extremely easy. In fact, big jump is a bit of a misnomer. It’s more of a well-executed hop. And once you’re back on your feet, it’s all swagger from there.

Making Your Old Site New (and Better!)

You might want to hold on to your existing website because of its search engine ranking, or maybe your older pages have tons of inbound links, or maybe you’re just that fond of it. Whatever the case, NationBuilder has an import tool that lets you migrate your URLs into new pages.

To do this, in your nation navigate to “Website”, “Pages”, and finally “Import old site”, and voila! Once you run the site you’d like to move, NationBuilder will convert all your URLs into new pages. They’ll also provide you with a list so you can set redirects from legacy URLs (contact forms, for example) to the newer NationBuilder pages on a page-by-page basis.

Here’s a graphic for all those visual learners out there:

Image Courtesy of NationBuilder

Image courtesy of NationBuilder

If you’d like your pages to have complete NationBuilder functionality, let us know; that’s our jam (we are one of five certified Canadian NationBuilder agencies), and we’d be totally thrilled to set you up. Whether that means developing a brand new theme for you or making sure everything’s search engine optimized, just give us a holler.

Because your legacy URLs won’t replace NationBuilder pages that have the same URL, make sure to transfer over any content you want to hang on to before you switch your hosting. Once that’s done, and everything looks up to snuff, you can update to your own custom domain on NationBuilder’s servers and host your website.

If you aren’t big on the DIY game, again—get in touch. We can help you out.

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